Sean's Bio

Sean FlynnSean Flynn, the son of Rory Flynn and Gideon Amir, is the grandson of Errol Flynn. Born in Los Angeles, July 14th, 1989 to a father who produces Movies for Television and a mother who is a stills photographer. Sean had the luck to spend this first 10 years traveling extensively. His father, producing movies that have taken the family to Prague and London, Paris and Tel-Aviv. From the Spanish island of Ibiza to Vilnius in Lithuania.

Sean started working early in his life on a commercial that needed a kid to leap from a high rock into water and to appear in frame of the camera on the surface of the water. This shoot in Hawaii went well, and so began the career of the young man, who is currently the male lead in, "Zoey 101" a Nickelodeon series, starring Jamie Lynn Spears.

Growing up in Los Angeles Sean has enjoyed the many outdoor activities from snowboarding at nearby Mammoth Mt. in the winter, to sailing to Catalina with friends in the summer. He has played tennis from the age of six and is very good. He also is a good swimmer and runs track and field.Sean Flynn

Sean started landing small parts on T.V. (Sliders, Mad TV) and small films. He got more professional with 'Simon Birch" for Disney. At ten, he was second choice for "Lizzy McQuire" Show in the part of her little brother. Then at 13 he got a pilot with Fox called "The Snobs". The following year he read an article that told of the new show with Jamie Lynn Spears and he said, "I want this show, it looks like fun." The idea of working with all kids sounded great. With two seasons behind him, he was right, it has been big fun.

Sean goes to school nine months and works on Zoey in the summer months. Right now Sean is very serious about the guitar. After years of piano lessons, he learned quickly how to enjoy the guitar. He has a band that he plays with at school.

Sean is a great son to his parents and a good friend to his fellow students and cast members. Sean is looking forward to more work in T.V. and Film and Theater in the future as he pursues his higher education at school.